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Business Practices
Digital Form Processing, Data Pen

Legal obligations require use of printed documents and wet signatures in many sectors especially in public sector and banks today. In addition, field teams prefer working with paper forms due to requirements of their job (having hands full with equipment, environment conditions, business continuity and flexibility). However, despite of all of their advantages, working with paper forms brings along management, control, audit and archiving problems and occupies quality time allocated by workers to their job and customers.

 Digital Form Processing Solution is a platform enabling integration of data on paper with digital business processes smoothly. This platform allows forms to be quickly processes and instantly monitored. Paper and pen combination can be easily integrated with electronic data processing processes, central information systems, tablets, mobile devices and PDAs and can smoothly transmit data. The solution can also operate in Cloud Computing platform and provides initial investment cost advantage. Data Market is the leaser supplier of Digital Form Processing Solutions in Turkey with projects it has realized in finance, public and health sector.

Advantages of DataPen & SRS (?)

  • You can perform your workflows in a shorter period of time.
  • It saves 70% time in transaction and increases data quality.
  • It eliminates any problem which can be encountered with small-screen PDAs or heavy laptops: Your paper is your computer!
  • High efficiency, low investment, lower cost.                                                                                                            Capture.PNG