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Digital transformation continues to be on the agenda as a process in which almost every major company is inevitably directed. While large companies point to digital transformation, which is the secret of competition and long-term growth in the market, you can see that small and medium-sized businesses, SMEs, are also beginning to realize the importance of digital transformation.

Industry 4.0, known as a solution for digital transformation, is becoming more and more prominent with its vision aiming digitalization and integration in the industry. In this vision, businesses try to choose the one that is suitable for their business areas and structures from digital transformation technologies in order to find a place in the competition in the market.

Digital transformation appears not only as a process in which technological investments are made for SMEs, but also as a transformation process that allows the business to act with a system of thought that is open to innovation and focused on customer satisfaction.

If you are a SME, digital transformation becomes very necessary for you to adapt to the customer, employee and world market profile that has started to change over time. Enterprises that display products that are personalized in the digital world and products with fast and different qualities according to customer experience always start one step ahead of the competition compared to others. For the SME’s that do not prefer digital transformation, there may be disadvantages such as shrinking their business and staying out of the market over time. For this reason, you should be open to understanding digital transformation and to consider it as an opportunity.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

Microsoft Azure is a system of cloud services that is growing day by day, designed to help your business face problems. Microsoft Azure allows you to build applications on the global network and have the freedom to manage and deploy those networks. You can easily use the cloud platform you have acquired from Microsoft Azure according to your needs.

Services provided by the cloud platform include email server creation, database server, file storage server, hosting web servers, web applications, mobile applications and web server hosting. If you purchase any cloud platform, you can choose to use it as a Private Cloud or open to all users.

What are the Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure?

  • You can add to your infrastructure because it has the most comprehensive SQL (Server Database Programming) compatibility.
  • It provides a service that is completely under your management for any .NET application you need.
  • Your information is always protected because it contains the most advanced audit features.
  • It allows you to distribute your applications consistently; with management and multi-session features, you can access your data from anywhere.
  • You can create advanced analyzes by using artificial intelligence support.
  • Since it has a large number of end-to-end services, you can use any tool, service or language you want without restrictions.
  • If you move your system infrastructure and applications to the cloud, you can reduce your security costs.

What are the Contributions of Microsoft Azure to Digital Transformation?

With Microsoft Azure, you can start digital transformation with world-class security, protection and compatibility. It is possible to modernize your previous infrastructure to provide a flexible hybrid environment. After you start using Microsoft Azure for digital transformation, you can increase work efficiency and cost savings.

With Microsoft Azure, you can optimize, control and optimize your existing resources. So, you can speed up your digital transformation process. You will not waste time with some processes such as patching, firewall problems and network setup on your old site.

With the fast loading web pages, your customers can communicate faster with Microsoft Azure, since the waiting time of the servers will decrease. As you will be able to manage your data better with the cloud in the digital transformation process, you can improve the customer experience by preparing personal connections that look more professional with the services offered by Microsoft Azure.

The fact that SMEs prefer Microsoft Azure in the digital transformation process is beneficial for their companies’ growth rate. The fact that firms that use cloud services, data and artificial intelligence are ahead of their competitors are among the details that SMEs should never miss in search of competition.

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