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Server Virtualisation is a technology that allows you to focus on efficiency and innovation. Virtualisation allows you to respond to market changes and customer demands more rapidly and efficiently. Virtualisation also saves significant numbers of servers as well as considerable amounts of maintenance, date centre space, power and cooling costs while reducing planned downtime in data centres and reducing the risk of unforeseen problems that may occur.

Key Benefits of Server Virtualisation:
It allows you to;

  • Form additional servers in minutes without investing in a new equipment,
  • Run more than one communication system within the same physical server,
  • Carry virtual servers from one physical server to another uninterruptedly and without reconfiguration,
  • Increase online resources of virtual servers,
  • Accelerate installation and configuration processes with pre-made virtual server compilations and;
  • It allows system managers to securely test the virtual server environments,
  • It reduces the risks during the communication systems’ patching to zero thanks to Snapshot and clone technologies it provides.

As Data Market, we provide consultancy, project design and support services for VMware and Microsoft server virtualisation solutions.

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