The Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK), which is closely related to issues such as Personal Privacy, Data Audit, Notification and Security, occupies an important space on the agenda of all companies. Having said this, companies are wasting time in taking the technical and administrative measures required for KVKK compliance.

It presents all of your company’s personal data inventory from an integrated perspective and presents all the technical, administrative and legal actions necessary for compliance with KVKK “under a single roof”.

KVKK Compliance Process Services

Current Status Analysis

- Legal Consultancy
- Process Consultancy
- Training

Determination of Requirements and Harmonisation

- Determination of suitable technological solutions

KVKK Compliance Report and Roadmap

- Sharing compliance report and roadmap
- Integration process

Data Market KVKK Compliance Analysis

The KVKK Compliance Analysis, which will guide you through the KVKK preparation process, consists of a set of questions that provide an overview of the requirements of the Law and assess your current status. Prepared by a team of specialists, your KVKK compliance score is specified in this meticulously prepared analysis and presented to you as a report, including the details of your responses.

With this study, the first step towards the KVKK compliance period, you can have an overview on the precautions to be taken during the compliance process and current competence of your organisation. You can have the best and most appropriate solutions and services that you need with the experience of Data Market.

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