Cloud Transformation is an innovation process that enables businesses to become more flexible, efficient, and customer-oriented in an environment of increasing and globalised competition and uncertainty, that includes both risks and various opportunities, by changing the way they operate with the opportunities provided by the cloud.

IDC predicts that by 2020, spending on cloud will exceed 500 billion USD as a result of this process.

Data Market is a credible business partner that enables you to take the opportunities of cloud transformation and turn them into a competitive advantage, with its multiple specialities, strong references and customer-oriented approach.

Preferred by 90% of Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft is leading Cloud Transformation worldwide, with its 38 data centre zones and 120.000 new monthly subscriptions. Data Market, with its Microsoft Gold Certified Partner title, is one of the largest business partners of Microsoft in Turkey. With its speciality in CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), combined with industry-specific experience and a customer-oriented approach, Data Market turns Microsoft’s cloud technologies into measurable, sustainable and strategic acquisitions.