Mobil Yaka is a collaboration and sharing application that brings all employees, especially blue-collar, together on the same platform. Blue-collar employees of production, retail, sales, healthcare, public and many other sectors have an important role in the efficiency of organizations with their characteristics of being in contact with customers, representing the company brand, being the customer’s first contact point about products and services.

The Mobil Yaka mobile application, which aims to involve blue-collar employees in the digitalization processes of organizations, has been designed with the needs of employees and companies taken into consideration.

Why Mobil Yaka?

  • Ensure that all employees share business ideas, participate in decision-making processes, and provide development ideas.
  • Manage business tracking on a single platform by digitizing business processes.
  • Keep a close eye on employee productivity.
  • Bring together your workforce and facilitate communication between different teams.
  • Involve everyone from the blue-collar to the management team.
  • Increase productivity by increasing employee motivation and corporate loyalty.
  • Manage approval processes anytime, anywhere.
  • Always take the organization forward with digitization.



Gather the best suggestions and ideas to maximize your productivity. Improve your business processes by getting the opinions of all employees on issues such as product, production line, store layout, working environment, marketing activity, trainings, social activities and so on.

Instant Support

In case of a problem with on-site services such as a technical installation, you can immediately contact a specialist. You can reach the person concerned by video/voice call or message regardless of the place and time.


Easily manage leave and break requests. Plan in advance for requests such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave. Manage approval processes online. Take control of the entire team's leave plans from a single platform.


Easily manage business processes assessment, employee feedback, rather than traditional methods such as wishes, complaint boxes and so on. Digitalize assessment processes with surveys or voting systems and increase participation with the mobile app.

Corporate Flows

Integrate with the enterprise applications you need. Design corporate-specific forms, workflows, and modules.


Help employees connect with colleagues, find contact information, and organizational charts.

Near Miss

In the event of a work accident, write an annotation, attach photos to your descriptions and indicate urgency. Take action in a shorter time by allowing employees to quickly and easily announce risks before the accident occurs.


Publish announcements and corporate news where all employees can interact. Share events, speeches, interviews and so on, attended by the company or senior executives, with all corporate employees. Share periodic campaign and sales goals with all employees from a single platform and increase collaboration. Stay connected to your entire workforce and increase motivation for best results.


Post mandatory or optional trainings online with expert videos. Assign a specific time and exams for employee attendance mandatory trainings. Provide a platform where all employees can improve themselves with the online training videos that are available at all times.

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