D724 Database Modernization Project

“We are an IT company serving with 4 branches and 65 business partners throughout Turkey, with technical services for manufacturers such as HP, Dell, and Lenovo. Our data center, located in our central office location, uses the VMware infrastructure.”


Ümit Ertan

D724 Bilişim Hizmetleri

Technical Services Manager

Business Needs

As the inventory period of the hardware infrastructure expired, we preferred modern IT solutions and invested in cloud infrastructure instead of investing in new hardware. We wanted a competitive solution in the long run.
We use the VMware infrastructure in the data center in our own office locations.
We wanted to house databases in a data center that was more secure and had high business continuity SLA.


For the future, we tested the need for modern infrastructure with the cloud experience.

In addition to providing a long-term cost advantage, we preferred this because the initial investment cost was low.

We mainly chose PaaS cloud services on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
Access to more than 200 cloud services with the self-service admin portal and easy infrastructure installation and management are the most useful aspects of cloud technologies.

Because our ERP application was an old one, it was moved to Azure as rehost, that is, VM. By performing a compatibility assessment for the Service Manager application with Data Migration Assistant, we confirmed that there were no significant findings. We then moved it to the Azure PaaS Database service as Data Market refactor. The rehosted virtual server was created as Azure Availability Set, and the same Domain Controller was positioned as two separate servers. At the same time, the primary Data Center was created at the Azure Data Center located in Western Europe. We chose the Azure Data Center in Northern Europe as the secondary data center. A cluster structure was created in the Azure Data Center in Northern Europe for the Azure SQL PaaS service for replication.


The project process was completed successfully and seamlessly from end to end thanks to the innovative approach of the Data Market team. We would like to thank the Data Market Microsoft cloud team, who facilitated our adaptation to modern IT.

We chose Data Market, which gave us confidence due to its more than 28 years of technology experience. We had also installed our existing data center together with Data Market.

I recommend everyone to accelerate their transition to cloud technologies, which are the trend of the entire world.

Technologies Used

Azure Logo

We chose Microsoft Azure in line with our needs.