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Human Resources
Compass RTLS is a solution for tracking on-site personnel, vehicles, products, and environment data at a location. Compass RTLS makes production, operation, store, warehousing and logistics processes traceable.

Sectoral Applications of Compass RTLS


- Movable objects’ location tracking in production environments.
- Instant data for flow efficiency analysis.
- Instant location tracking of personnel, vehicles, forklifts, semi-finished products, carriers, tow trucks and cranes.


- Real-time location tracking in airports, railways and subways.
- Employees, equipment, and inventory stock.
- Tracking of special customers (sick, elderly, children etc.)
- Fuel stations’ monitoring.
- Employee attendance analysis.
- Task field control.
- Customer service performance analysis.
- Inventory and inventory stock monitoring.


- Tracking shopping carts inside the store.
- Popular sections, low frequency sections and section performance.
- Correlation of product receipt slip and in-store movements.
- Loyalty system integration.

Functional Applications

- E-Kanban.
- Instant location tracking of part sets with Part Identification Cards.
- Registration of the product location integrated with the barcode scanner.
- Digital twin.
- Tracking instant and retroactive locations of objects.
- Automatic demand triggering and product carrier car tracking in JIT / JIS production.
- Analysis of assembly line product, employee, and equipment movements.

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