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Data Market provides value-added and real improvements to its customers by providing complementary and supplementary services to institutions with its expert staff and sector experience.

It covers the selection and design of the solutions that will provide the highest return on investment by comparing the services it provides with the hardware and infrastructure required by the enterprises with the required applications.

Expert Service Staff

30+ Years Industry Experience

Inclusive Service Solutions


Data Market performs end-to-end project management in projects from technology platform layer to application layer and provides the most appropriate solution to the needs of its customers. Analysis, design, development, piloting and dissemination of technological platforms such as hardware, database, operating system, which will enable the systems to operate in the highest performance, are provided.

Our Service Portfolio

Microsoft Licensing Services

As a Microsoft SAM partner, we have an expert software sales and licensing team to help our customers choose the right products and licensing models.

Consultancy Services

We provide end-to-end project management from the technology platform layer to the application layer, ensuring the emergence of the most suitable solution for our clients' needs.

Managed Services

Within the framework of Managed Services, we offer end-to-end solutions across all processes from the hardware layer to the application layer.

Azure Services

It is an open, flexible, and enterprise-grade cloud platform that enables businesses to move faster, do more with their resources, and save money.

Field Services

We provide new system installations, application and driver deployment, design planning, implementation, and post-implementation support services.


i-s.tech is the Corporate Support and Consultancy services provided to its customers with the 30+ years of knowledge and experience of the Data Market.

VMware Professional Services

We provide all the professional VMware services you will need on your software-defined data center journey.

Dell Professional Services

With our Services Partner expertise, our expert team, and professional service approach, we offer full service in Dell Technologies technologies.

HPE Professional Services

With our high-level partnerships, expert team, and professional service approach, we offer full service in HPE technologies.

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