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vCloud Suite

VMware vRealize Suite is a cloud management platform designed for hybrid cloud infrastructures, providing IT control along with the simultaneous and rapid management and deployment of applications and infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive and detailed IT management experience with integrated management capabilities for VMware vSphere and other virtualization infrastructures, physical infrastructures, cloud platforms such as OpenStack, VMware vCloud Air and Amazon Web Services.

vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is the management control interface of VMware’s Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) solution, including multiple hybrid cloud resources.

The integration of vRealize Suite over domains means that VMware can offer a holistic and integrated approach to managing hybrid cloud environments. For instance, VMware’s vRealize Suite is interconnected with the automation feature that identifies the inefficient use of resources in the infrastructure and automation feature and recovers unused resources.

VMware’s CMP technologies are also integrated with other VMware SDDC solutions. For example, it is possible to include VMware NSX structures for network and firewall in service templates created using VMware CMP. This means that virtual networks, load balancers and firewalls can be created during the procurement of resources.

VMware vRealize Suite Content

vRealize Operations

Smart health, performance, capacity and configuration management.

vRealize Automation

Providing personalised infrastructure, application and special IT services automatically.

vRealize Log Insight

Real-time log management and log analysis.

vRealize Business for Cloud

Automatic cost calculation for virtualised infrastructures, usage measurement and service pricing.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Automatic installation, configuration, version upgrade, patching, optimisation, health status and content management of vRealize products.

Benefits of vRealize Suite


Ensure the best performance and convenience and diagnose and provide a solution with smart warning and pre-mistake warning mechanisms before encountering any problems.


Speed up the distribution of IT services in order to meet the expectations of employees to be met by IT.


Ensure the right control level to support the agility, risk, and cost requirements of IT teams by establishing a balance between them.


Increase the efficiency of IT staff and resource use of data centres, and lower management spending (OpEx) and investment costs (CapEx).

Business / IT Compatibility

Include transparency in operational and financial features of IT services that provides better IT and management compatibility.

VMware vRealize Suite Versions

Smart Operations
Proactively manage health, performance and capacity management of IT services in heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments to increase efficiency, performance and usability.
IT Automation of Infrastructure as a Service
Build IT infrastructure and automate ongoing resource management to reduce the response time to requests for IT resources and improve the ongoing management process of supplied resources.
DevOps Ready IT
You can create a cloud platform where you can assign resources on a hybrid cloud, where the developer in development teams can choose between application and user interfaces to access resources. Expand the solution scope for continuity in accelerating application deployment.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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