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VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is a service that enables users to run AWS services on vSphere –based cloud environments. This service is supported by VMware Cloud Foundation and it integrates vSphere, Vsan and NSX with VMware yCenter, thus optimised to work in the infrastructure of special, flexible and bare-metal AWS. With VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension, customers can easily and rapidly execute big-scale, double-sided passing between on premises and VMware Cloud. IT teams can now achieve instant business value from AWS and VMware hybrid cloud use, thanks to the same architecture and operational experience that is designed in the same way as the on-premises and public cloud.

Why Choose VMware Cloud on AWS?

Flexible Consumption to Suit Your Business Needs

VMware Cloud on AWS offers flexibility to suit your business demands. You can model your costs based on your business needs with flexible consumption options and investment protection.

Enterprise Grade Skills

Taking advantage of VMware technologies, server (vSphere), storage (vSAN), and network (NSX) capabilities, AWS services are designed to operate with optimal access to a new generation of elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure. You’ll have excellent disaster protection with VMware Site Recovery integration. You can scale seamless workload portability with VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension.

Simple and Consistent Operations

Enable SDDC environments rapidly on AWS with just a click. Resources will be operationally consistent with vSphere-based clouds and to manage the VMware Cloud on AWS environment, you can use familiar VMware technologies.

Have It as a Service

VMware and its business partners will be responsible for the patches of SDDC software components and upgrades on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your main work, your applications. Plus, you require only one contact point for all your support issues.

In Which Scenarios Can You Use VMware on AWS?

VMware Cloud on AWS has recently been put into use in AWS Europe (Frankfurt) Region along with AWS Europe (London), AWS USA East (N. Virginia), and AWS West (Oregon). VMware Cloud on AWS is ready for GDPR that holds a series of important industry certificates. Furthermore, it has various capabilities that enable customers to improve enterprise deployment, accelerate cloud relay, and simplify hybrid cloud deployments. It protects your already familiar VMware tools, policies and management and investments in third-party tools by transferring on-premises data centres to the cloud with a consistent operational model. You can benefit from AWS services by extending the value of enterprise applications throughout their lifecycle. VMware is working to move VMware on AWS to new AWS zones and to ensure greater availability over time.

Application Migration

Expand existing data centres and move targeted application workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS without transforming them. Get two-way workload portability between your existing data centre and VMware Cloud on AWS. Modernise your applications through optimised access to local AWS services.

Cloud Relay

Transfer your vSphere-based workload to the cloud quickly and easily with VMware Cloud on AWS. Reduce both the risk and cost of cloud migrations compared to alternatives that require change or re-architecture. Use VMware tools and management screens that you regularly use to accelerate cloud relays. Benefit from VMware and AWS services to modernise your applications.

Expand the Data Center

Do you have new projects? Would you like to expand to a new geography? Expand your data center on the cloud easily and get VMware consistent, enterprise-class environment in the AWS cloud quickly and cost-effectively with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Optional Capacity

Get VMware SDDC capacity within minutes in AWS Cloud when your business needs to meet temporary, seasonal or unplanned demand. Benefit from VMware Cloud’s flexible capacity and usage-based economy by seamlessly moving your live applications to a consistent environment compatible with your VMware data centre.

Disaster Protection as a Service with VMware Site Recovery

Easily enable business continuity with VMware Site Recovery. You can get the optional disaster recovery service as an optimised service for VMware Cloud on AWS. Simplify disaster recovery operations by reducing time and secondary site costs with cloud economy while delivering a second data centre that is operationally consistent with your VMware data centre.

New Application Development and Testing

Enable dev / test environments compatible with VMware SDDC and able to be integrated with modern CI / CD automation tools. Smoothly access to natural AWS services to develop new applications.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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