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Mobile Security

Take control of your BYOD program with Mobile Security, MDM and Application Management. Protect, track, monitor, and manage your employees’ consumer-class mobile devices, mobile apps, and company data. Our four-in-one solution allows you to balance employee effectiveness with IT control.

 Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Improves visibility and control with instant views of compliance, inventory, protection, and health status of devices.
  • Allows the IT department to register, authorize, de-authorize and monitor remote devices.
  • Enables the use of cross-device policies and group policies for consistent implementation of security requirements.


  Mobile Device Security

  • Blocks malware and websites using the leading malware protection and web reputation features.
  • Using firewall and IDS, it detects intrusion through Network applications, ports, and services.
  • Monitors, blocks and records calls to and from the device, SMS and MMS sent based on user policy.
  • Improves visibility and control of iOS devices with Trend Micro Mobile Security’s new iOS app.

Mobile Application Management

  • The application offers blacklist and whitelist to prevent or allow the use of the mobile application.
  • Enables IT department to manage and block specific types of applications based on categories.
  • Identifies and blocks risky Android apps using the Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service, which is part of the Smart Protection Network.
  • Sends applications to end-user devices to accelerate the use of optional or required business applications.
  • Devices provide inventory management and reports for better visibility into group and company-wide applications.
  • Enables monitoring, managing, and distributing bulk purchase programs on iOS devices.

Data Protection

  • Protects data lost or stolen devices with remote locking, deleting of desired data and finding the device.
  • DLP policies prevent encryption and decryption of devices by providing encryption and compliance.
  • Allows the IT department to lock risky mobile device features such as cameras, Bluetooth® and SD card readers.

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