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Data Market has been one of the leading companies in the IT sector of Turkey since 1992. The company is a solutions provider and system integrator as an information technology partner that customers can rely on for business-critical applications.

Data Market is a strategic information technology business partner that provides end-to-end services to its customers with its solution provider and systems integrator identities. Celebrating its 30th year in the technology sector, a sector that changes rapidly, the source of our company’s success is its ability to change constantly and investments in sustainable IT solutions. Data Market, which has many key references from finance, telecommunications, retail, energy, public and general sectors, offers corporate solutions and services to its corporate customers by combining its experience in these sectors with its highly competent team of experts. Adopting a vision of being a world brand that carries its stakeholders to the future with sustainable technology solutions, it aims to provide agility, business continuity and efficiency to its customers.

Our Vision

To be a global brand that carries its stakeholders to the future with sustainable technology solutions.

Our Mission

To provide technology services and solutions that add value to our customers, make a difference and increase their competitiveness.

Our Partners

and our expertise

Our References

A few of our corporate references from different sectors

Managing technology


Stop worrying about technology problems. Just focus on your business. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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