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Managed Service Provider Data Centre Security Solutions work to detect suspicious malware behaviour and ensure the integrity of the data centre wherever it is hosted. It takes measures to protect data centres in physical, virtual or cloud environments and prevents malware and Web threats from reaching the data centre with a real-time, multi-tiered approach to protection. It also monitors outgoing data to filter out suspicious, malware-like behaviour.

Scope of Solutions

Protection against Threats

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network

Trend Micro Data Centre Security solutions are supported by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, the next generation, cloud-client security infrastructure designed to protect customers from Web threats.

Smart Protection Network supports on-premises and hosted solutions to protect users, whether on the network, at home or on the go, using unique in-cloud e-mail correlation, Web and file reputation technologies, along with clients footprints to access threat databases. By creating a real-time local patrol protection service for its users, customer protection is automatically updated and enhanced as more products, services and users access the network.

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