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Compass Industry IoT

Compass Industry IoT it offers effective monitoring solutions within manufacturing environments with real-time monitoring of manufacturing environments and change-in-time analyses.


  • It makes the machinery be monitorable in hours


  • It integrates with the old models or machines that have limited data share in a short time and acquires data.


  • It has a plug-and-play model that works without the need of cabling thanks to wireless sensors.
  • It helps include the whole of the factory or production environments into the coverage area in a short time.
  • It ensures that the desired measurements are easily done within the desired coverage area.


  • It helps the needed sensors be used for selected machines.
  • It ensures that you pay for the amount you use with its subscription-based service model.

for Manufacturing Areas Effective Monitorability Solutions

Monitor the un-monitorable, Notice the un-noticeable

Fast, easy and effective


Adjustable to all machines and counters


Put into use in hours


Monitor machinery productivity, working time, production quantities 24/7


Follow the change, compare

Real-time monitoring of production environments and analysis of time-weighted change

Recorded Data

Working Time, Manufacturing Quantity, Productivity, Malfunction Causes

Related Data

Environmental and Machine Data, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
Featured Applications

Wide Sectoral Application


Weaving, Knitting, Embroidery, Sewing


Press, Cutting, CNC, Welding


Injection, Extrusion


Boxing, Bottling, Packaging

Effective and Informative Screens

Some of the screenshots that provide the monitorability of factories manufacturing
environments on the Compass Industry IoT platform

Machine Monitoring General Data and Utilization Graphic

General data such as Working Time, Operation Time, Operation Quantity, Stop Times and Manufacturing Quantity are shown. Moreover, the percentage graphic of the analyses performed in line with Working, Operation and Error data is shown.

Machine Monitoring and Gantt Time Distribution Graphic

Working, Operation, Error, Stop, Stop Type, Error Cause and Production Records regarding the operational status of the machine are shown on a time scale.

Micro Stop Time Analysis Graphic

Analyses are shown based on the quantity and periods of the short period stops of the machines.

Management of Production Resources

The products manufactured in the machines, production performances, production and wastage quantities as well as operator information can be monitored and managed.

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