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Data Center is a structure consisting of the physical infrastructure components necessary for the applications we use today. These structures, also called system rooms, aim to keep the applications of the enterprises running uninterrupted.

Virtualization of the data center components enables the location to be independent of space and at the same time more than one data center serves the enterprises.

Data Market is your reliable business partner that provides value-added solutions in the procurement and integration of all data center components.

Our Data Center Solutions Portfolio

Integrated Architectures

Integrated Architectures are solutions that combine server, storage and network systems, disaster recovery systems, virtualization and management software on a single platform.

Data Storage Solutions

The second most important component of data centers is common data storage devices. There are data storage systems (Flash, Hybrid, Block-File/Object based) in different architecture according to the business needs of the corporations.

Server Solutions

Server systems are the leading data center components. Servers are systems that provide cpu, memory and disk space required by applications running on virtualization environment or independently.

Backup Solutions

Data backup is among the measures to ensure business continuity without loss of data.

Business Continuity Solutions

Planning Business Continuity and preparing recovery scenarios for emergencies enable corporations to be prepared for disastrous events.

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