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VMware, which has an 80%+ share of the virtualization market of the world, offers end-to-end solutions to enterprises with its software-defined data centre vision. In addition to its undisputed leadership in the server virtualization market; hybrid cloud, data storage virtualization (vSAN), network and security virtualization (NSX), management and automation solutions provide your infrastructure with a more flexible, more efficient and more reliable structure.

You can benefit from Professional Services at any time by purchasing as many credits from VMware as you need for your software-defined data centre journey and the services that are gathered under 4 main headings.

A successful digital transformation begins with a good perception of challenges and opportunities. We work with your team, shoulder to shoulder, in order to explore what is possible and to develop a firm technological adaptation roadmap.

Experienced specialists of a VMware Professional Service team create values that allow you to get the results that you requested with your available resources.

With this service;
  • Vision and strategy planning of the senior management is strengthened.
  • Scalable values are presented with the use of digital transformation roadmap that is updated dynamically.
  • Available and required skills, roles, processes and resources are decided.
  • IT transformation projects including hybrid cloud, digital workspace, network and safety initiatives are planned.
VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM), which you can have with your VMware PSO credits, is a trusted advisor who helps you adapt VMware technologies to your organization and accelerate the business results you expect from VMware solutions.

You will receive a regular evaluation, review and analysis schedule with the TAM (Technical Account Manager) service. TAMs are highly experienced in VMware technologies and plan according to a common and standard methodology that they adapt to your unique environment and needs.

With the TAM service, you will have the following studies;
  • Capability
  • Health Check
  • Best Practice
  • Business Review çalışmalarına sahip olunur.

TAM Expertise

We can group the values that TAM service will provide to your organization under four main titles.

  • Accelerate Time to Value
  • Technology Adoption
  • Optimize Operations
  • Guide the Digital Transformation Journey
Complex investments in the technology infrastructures of organizations can prevent full performance from being achieved. To help you cope with these challenges more easily, we offer proven strategies for improving operational efficiency and managing setbacks. Our applied technical consultants provide your organization with the necessary information, expertise and guidance to implement software-defined solutions.

VMware technical consultants support you in all steps (analysis, implementation, integration, configuration, and testing/verification steps) of your investments in existing or new VMware solutions along with your IT team.
With your VMware PSO credits, you can get formal training on every solution you need from VMware solutions.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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