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SDDC, which is the term Software Defined Data Center, helps to identify, control and access various resources. The importance of companies for Information Technologies (IT) is undeniable because it promises order, security and speed.

Technologies such as cloud storage and digital conversion are the reason why many systems work on a software basis. Apart from offering SDDC application support, which enables the management of all the information in the data centers via software, it also has a comfortable control facility. This special structure has several layers. Technologies such as VMware, vSAN and NSX are used. Software-based storage systems, as known as SDS, help to manage data and provide multi-cloud capability.

What are SDDC Processes?

The first and main layer of the software-defined data center is referred to as virtualization. The virtualization of IT elements is actually the software intensity of the company operating processes. SDDC virtualization enables virtualization of all hardware layers to be managed from a single point. For example, when hardware-based layers such as the storage system and security system become virtual, they can be managed and reported separately through a single automation system. The main goal of this center is to analyze the requirements and seek answers in the process of rapid distribution of all services.It is important for the organization to provide information to the organization through pre-defined data pools, to enable the use of information and to identify limited resources. So, what are the benefits of this virtualization?

What are the Advantages of the Defined Data Center?

  • As institutions and organizations become virtual, the limits drawn by the hardware are exceeded and the speed increases.
  • It reduces the energy consumption and expenses of transition institutions to virtualized data centers. In addition, the decrease in the obligation to renew electrical installations or the use of generators indirectly is effective in reducing costs.
  • With SDDC, companies get more information about their capacities, IT departments work more effectively and network resources are better tracked.
  • Large-scale companies control their operational processes much better, the quality and control stages are both faster and easier.
  • It is possible to find out whether SDDC tools have more storage space and bandwidth.
  • The need for outdated hardware units that take up space is eliminated and infrastructure is used more efficiently.
  • It is much easier to recover data when there are unexpected, sudden data problems.
  • You can obtain source domains, minimize cyber risks, and provide corporate solutions in less time.

What is VMware Virtual SAN?

VMware Virtual SAN is vSAN software based storage. It virtualizes the physical server disks softwareally, making it look as if there is storage space. You can choose between HDD or SSD in this structure, which has two options called Hybrid and All-Flash. All-Flash Cluster architecture is used in Solid State Disk when using mechanical HDD and Hybrid Cluster. In vSAN Cluster, all disks in the hosts are activated. A “datastore” is created on the disks in use and this data is shared with all hosts. This tool is completely software based and does not require additional installation. To use the vSAN architecture, it is necessary to meet the hardware and software requirements and also have a valid license.

VMware NSX is also a network virtualization platform. It provides a network virtualization system by enabling the virtual device to be used for network structures. It is based on the management of virtual systems from a single center, and these virtual networks are managed by creating software, independent of hardware. If your data is large and you have little physical space to store them, you can choose software based data storage solutions. With SDDC, you can take your place in the accelerated rise of digital transformation, institutionally feed on the power of mobile technologies and even provide an innovative business environment.

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