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Data Market, Bilişim 500 System Integrators First in Software Category

The results of the “Top 500 IT Companies Turkey 2021 – Informatics 500” research, which includes technology sector companies that contribute to the rise of Turkey with the power of informatics, were announced at a ceremony held in Istanbul. In the comprehensive event, which was organized as an important reference source of the Turkish information and technology sector, important names of the business world and important representatives of the public, regulation and media institutions came together.

The results of the “Top 500 IT Companies in Turkey 2021 – Informatics 500” Research, which was held this year with the motto of “Sustainability”, were announced at the award ceremony held on Wednesday, 03 August. According to the announced results, Data Market won the 1st prize in the System Integrators – Software category, according to the general ranking; Data Market rose to the 27th place among Turkey’s top 500 IT companies.


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