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WiFi technology, which is located in many points of life, runs to the help of users when the wireless network connection is needed. WiFi 6 is the last point of the standard, which is constantly developed and differentiated with new features in line with the needs. This technology, which takes its final form a short while ago, is becoming wondered even more as internet users being involved in their lives as of the last quarter of 2019. In this article, you can find out exactly what WiFi 6 technology is and the benefits it provides through its place in our lives.

What is the WiFi 6 Standard?

The WiFi protocol, created in 1999, generally enables wireless Internet connection to be performed among supported devices. WiFi 6, which is quite new, stands out as a standard that constitutes the sixth stage of this protocol. The standard, also known as 802.11ax, was formalized in 2019 by the Wi-Fi Alliance, which sets international criteria for wireless connectivity. As of the last months of the year, hardware manufacturers are bringing together wireless network products that are compatible with this standard, with users.

Innovations Brought By WiFi 6 Standard

802.11ax, the most up-to-date protocol between wireless networks, embodies many innovations and improvements compared to the previous protocol, WiFi 5. Features such as faster data transfer, better connectivity quality and more device connectivity are among the innovations introduced by the WiFi 6 standard.

Faster Wireless Network Connectivity

Wireless networks alone do not provide assistance in increasing the speed of the internet connection you can use. But WiFi 6 technology helps the wireless network connection that its user has in order to operate faster and more efficiently. The technology that brings 1 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 6 GHz frequency bands in addition to 5 GHz frequency, offers a faster connection thanks to multi-frequency support. Also, the maximum connection speed of 3466.8 Megabits in the WiFi 5 standard increase significantly, reaching up to 10.53 Gigabits per second.

More Bandwidth

WiFi 6 provides a 4-fold increase on the bandwidth side compared to WiFi 5. This development comes back to users as a huge advantage in many areas. With the increase in bandwidth, the online streaming (digital publishing) field, which is increasing in importance today, there is allowed live streaming up to Ultra HD resolution. In addition, thanks to the delay time of up to 75%, it is possible to realize artificial intelligence and virtual reality-based instant projects.

Access from More Devices at the Same Time

Wireless networks, such as home, that provide access to several devices at the same time don’t pose any problems for users in terms of efficiency.

However, when it comes to mass networks connected by dozens or even hundreds of devices, a single modem or router can have trouble reaching with all the devices. Thanks to the 8×8 capacity support of WiFi 6 standard, it is possible to connect up to 74 devices at the same time.

Higher Range Value

Restrictions on the WiFi 5 standard prevent devices from offering enough range value in the open area. WiFi 6, on the other hand, offers a channel width of 160 MHz, providing a faster and uninterrupted connection for devices over long distances. So, it is becoming much easier to download large files without any restrictions or limitations.

To use WiFi 6 technology, the latest wireless network standard, your device must first support the 802.11 ax protocol. If your WiFi product supports the 802.11ax protocol, you can use fast and innovative wireless network technology without any extra processing.

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