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As Data Market, we believe that the solutions we provide should form a genuine connection with the customers that they appeal to. Looking at problems from the perspective of our customers is not enough for us. We take a step sideways and try to perceive the world from the perspective of “our customers’ customers”. We try to appreciate the essence of their experience and deeply understand the needs and demands of the end-users. As Data Market, we believe that this relationship that we have with our customers contributes to our success.

On the other hand, we see that the decision-making patterns of organisations regarding their investments in technology have changed in line with the competition and time pressure in the business environment. Decision-makers now want to evaluate more options and scenarios that address their needs in less time and want to make the most appropriate decisions. They demand a decision-making culture from their key suppliers and business partners that depend on collaboration.

Considering this assumption and demand, we aim to offer a platform with our newly established Experience Centre DXP, where our shareholders can make their technological investment decisions more rapidly and with precision. With sectoral IT scenarios that we introduced for experiencing this, we realised the most important link of R & D, “experience”, and we bring ideas that meet the essence of these needs. Thus, we aim to accelerate the execution process of ideas with high competition value for our customers and business partners.

Murat Boyla, CEO

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