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Innovation Workshop creates inspiring trainings as a useful tool for new generations of employees and executives in order to provide adaptation to modern workspaces and to modernize business processes with innovative technology solutions in digital transformation of corporations.

Our Mission


We ensure to provide a scalable and easily manageable workspace for organizations by integrating all work done by an employee into modern workplace processes.


We form teams that are more efficient in the communication network of the whole company and become more competent with the cooperation and contributions of all business units. Changing the end-user habits, one of the biggest problems in the business world, is the most difficult and we are working to achieve this.


With modern tools, we increase the efficiency of our business units with documents and applications that can be accessed anytime and anywhere through common platforms while making inter-company communication uninterrupted.


With the awareness that change must be throughout the company, we identify all departments and their requirements, analyze existing business processes and offer suitable solutions for each business unit for a more efficient workplace.


By enabling users to follow all processes with modern tools, we turn the work area into an integrated, intelligent and secure environment and reduce information security risks.


We provide a traceable and reportable environment for the optimization of all processes in the worksite that we transform with modern tools.
Didem Çelik Gülpınar
Business Development Director, Data Market
In the age of digital transformation, we first need to empower employees and teams for a more efficient working environment. We believe that changing the way people work together is a key part of the digital transformation journey. In this vision, Innovation Workshop is the first academy to modernize the business processes of institutions.
In the trainings organized in our head office in Maslak, under the guidance of our expert consultants in the Data Market staff, we talk about the most up-to-date technologies that will be useful in business processes, especially in Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing.

Participate in trainings to improve your business processes, individually or as a team, and increase your cloud computing and Azure competence.
With the awareness of the need for change throughout the company, we determine the requirements with each of the Human Resources, Information Technologies and other business units, harmonize existing business processes to modern field scenarios, and give specific training to each business unit.
PowerApps is a platform that allows users to create mobile or desktop-compatible business applications with ready-made themes and an easy interface, even without any coding or development experience.

With PowerApps Hackathon, we enable business units to gain hands-on experience on PowerApps under the leadership of our expert team, and at the end of the day we reward the teams that develop the most admired application.
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