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Compass Connected and Smart

Compass Connected and Smart is a "fast" and "effectice" Industry 4.0 platform specially developed for machinery and device manufacturers.

Fast and Efficent Industry 4.0 for Machinery and Device Manufacturers

What are benefits of Compass Connected and Smart?

It ensures that all of the machines and equipment you manufactured in the Industry 4.0 age are “connected” and “smart” at all times, as well as the easy collection and recording of critical performance data. It contributes to the monitoring and analysis of machines and equipment in line with the collected data and determining the development areas of the product the manufacturer has manufactured, along with offering the opportunity to monitor whether the product is used within the warranty coverage.

What can you achieve with Compass Connected and Smart?


Transform your machines into “connected” and “smart” systems for Industry 4.0

Always Connected

Transfer the machine data to Compass Connected & Smart platform easily, efficiently and reliably.

Visualize and Analyze

Visualize your data with easy and compherensive graphics and analyze.

Inform Customers

Inform operational teams of your customers with instant messages.

Remote Support

Connect to machines remotely through secure VPN connection for fast and effective customer support.


Integrate your machines with MES and ERP systems via safe API connections.

Collect Machine Data

Collect the machine telemetry data securely using standard method.

Accumulate Your Data

Accumulate and classify machine data centrally.

Inform Support

Inform your Support Team about the critical errors. Open support tickets automatically.

Associate and Corralate

Associate machine data with physical incidents such as maintenance, repair or replacement. Record which action is taken under which circumstances.

Share with Your Customers

Share selected machine data with customers through intutive web pages.


Predict machine failures and prevent unexpected machine down time.

Effective and Informative Screens


Shows general information about the Power on Status, Work and Operation productivity of all the machines defined in the system.

Machine Detail

It shows general information about the machine such as the date of start and end of the work and the alerts received from the machine within the last 24 hours.

Machine Productivity Trend

It shows how many hours the machine stayed off, how many hours it operated and how many hours it spent doing work each day within the last 7 days.

Map Overview

It shows all the machines that are defined in the system on a Map where machine manufacturers can monitor the system.

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