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Today, it is important that organisations use technologies that provide cost advantages in order for them to succeed in their own fields. Maximum efficiency is targeted by providing cost, business continuity and access to information from anywhere at any time thanks to the design of communication technologies tailored to corporations. Data Market designs and implements Communication Networks that will increase the productivity and flexibility of the institutions by providing rapid and location-independent information of the employees thanks to the Mobile communication that is ensured to be continuous for its customers, open to communication with the outside and closed to attacks.


Load Balancer

Data Market enables stable communication means to related servers or resources by balancing the communication traffic on WAN and LAN through load balancer solutions. Moreover, it develops designs that prevent network communication from stopping with alternative scenarios when network access resources are damaged or inaccessible.


Data Center Services

With Data Center services, Data Market provides high-speed, uninterrupted network and data infrastructure systems that enable organizations to keep their data on centralized servers and storage units in bulk.



Data Market provides infrastructure at all levels to connect computers, handheld terminals, mobile phones and tablets to each other in a specific area via cable or wireless, and to provide data transfer and communication infrastructure.


UC (Unified Communications)

Data Market integrates voice and video conference calls into existing network infrastructure through LAN, WAN and WLAN network infrastructures and establishes platforms and infrastructures that enable users to make voice and video calls, independent of location.


WAN Optimisation

WAN Optimisation aims to reduce the labour on the used networks caused by the data traffic on WAN. In order to do this, it balances the load, allowing the network to be constantly accessible. WAN optimisation services provided by Data Market ensures uninterrupted and effective access to network resources, applications and servers hosting data.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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Stop worrying about technology issues. Just focus on your work. Let us determine and manage the technology you need for you.

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