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Purpose and Scope

Within the scope of the Integrated Management System (IMS) policy, our company’s commitments within the scope of the following management systems are listed:

  • Quality management
  • Information security
  • Business continuity
  • Environment Management
  • Information Technologies
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our Integrated Management System Principles and Commitments

As a company that carries out support and consultancy activities on computer software, hardware and their consumables, importing and exporting them under the law, trading, representation and dealership of other domestic and foreign companies operating in these fields, providing technical support services related to them, engaging in design development activities and Microsoft Azure manageable cloud solutions and

as a business partner that carries its internal and external stakeholders to the future with sustainable technology solutions, we commit those;

  • To ensure customer satisfaction, environmental management, service management and information security by adhering to all legal regulations and standards, to provide quality service by observing occupational health and safety rules and business continuity criteria in our activities, and to take care to select the relevant parties and solution partners among the companies managed with the same philosophy,
  • To process and ensure the confidentiality of personal data belonging to other parties and company personnel in accordance with the legislation,
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the processes, their interactions with each other and to ensure their continuity with the process approach,
  • To take measures to mitigate all kinds of risks-threats by evaluating them with a process approach, to turn risks-threats into opportunities and to ensure business continuity,
  • To implement our goals and plans without interruption to ensure the continuity of Integrated Management System (IMS) Standards,
  • To respond quickly, effectively, timely and continuously by correctly understanding the needs and expectations of the relevant parties,
  • To act in accordance with our corporate identity,
  • To follow innovations and developments in the sector,
  • To create an organization-wide culture where health and safety are key operational priorities,
  • To protect information assets against all kinds of threats that may occur,
  • To ensure the continuity of the measures taken to mitigate the risks by evaluating all kinds of risks that may cause information confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility to deteriorate,
  • To ensure the continuity of the measures taken to mitigate risks by assessing all kinds of strategic, operational, and financial risks arising from business interruptions,
  • To create emergency and disaster scenarios and conduct drills to ensure secure information accessibility and business continuity,
  • To create an organizational structure in line with the provision of an effective IMS, to ensure that employees adopt their awareness and responsibilities regarding all systems, and to ensure the continuous development of the IMS levels of personnel at all levels,
  • To ensure that the trainings needed by all personnel who implement, manage, verify, and verify these activities and whose work affects these activities are provided at the highest level, considering that the establishment, maintenance, and continuous improvement of the IMS is the work of all employees,
  • Regarding all the services we provide; to examine all kinds of suggestions, complaints, requests and objections from our customers as soon as possible, to provide feedback to the customer with a solution proposal and to resolve them in a timely manner with the principles of openness, impartiality, confidentiality, easy accessibility, fairness and sensitivity, to continuously make the necessary improvements and controls to prevent the same dissatisfaction from occurring again, to create a strong, accurate, transparent and sustainable customer relationship after the services provided,
  • To increase the rate of compliance with the service level periods specified in the Data Market Service Catalogs; to ensure the continuous development of technical personnel and Service / Dealer / Solution Partner,
  • To ensure that the services provided by Data Market are accessible when necessary and to restore the services provided in case of any interruption within the defined periods,
  • To determine environmental dimensions in line with the Environmental Dimension Assessment Procedure, to identify the types of environmental impacts and damages,
  • To minimize pollution and waste within the scope of the Waste Management Procedure and to ensure the disposal of our hazardous wastes with minimized environmental impact (proper collection, sorting, storage, and transportation of wastes),
  • To ensure the effective, planned, and systematic management and continuous improvement of our resources in all our business processes within the framework of the IMS,
  • In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, to ensure the storage and impermeability of personal data used within the processes within the company and for the institutions with which relations are established.

As our Integrated Management System Policy.

Updating and Publishing of Policy

We review the Integrated Management System policy together with all related policies at least once a year, update and improve it when necessary.

We share and inform all our stakeholders transparently by publishing all our policies on our website

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