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Purpose and Scope

It aims to establish and disseminate an OHS culture with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy and to determine the principles, rules and commitments regarding occupational health and safety.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Principles and Commitments

  • We fulfill all legal obligations related to Occupational Health and Safety.
  • We take all necessary measures to prevent occupational health problems that may arise as a result of occupational accidents and long-term work.
  • We adopt the principle of zero occupational accidents and zero occupational diseases to prevent occupational accidents.
  • By conducting risk analysis studies, we take measures to identify and eliminate dangerous risks and near misses in buildings and work areas.
  • We take measures to ensure the health and safety of our suppliers and visitors and inform them accordingly.
  • Our Occupational Health and Safety Board members consist of employees from different units and levels to ensure that our employees are represented at every point. We evaluate the needs, expectations and suggestions of our employees and related parties on Occupational Health and Safety at regular meetings.
  • We take proactive measures for occupational health and safety by making emergency plans. In this context, we ensure that our employees receive the necessary trainings and information in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and that they are prepared for emergencies that may arise.
  • We ensure that our emergency teams are trained to ensure that they are equipped with up-to-date information in accordance with applicable legislation and are prepared for emergencies.
  • While our Board of Directors is responsible for the execution of this policy at the highest level, all our employees have a duty.

Updating and Publishing of Policy

We review our Occupational Health and Safety Policy together with all relevant policies at least once a year, update and improve it when necessary.

We share and inform all our stakeholders transparently by publishing all our policies on our website.

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