In recent years, the importance given to business continuity and productivity has increased significantly. In order to ensure business continuity, the physical security of the data center should be ensured.

Data Market offers solutions that increase the efficiency of infrastructure and business processes by integrating the communication infrastructure components of its customers with its expertise in business solutions. It designs scalable, reliable, easy to use and easily managed enterprise solutions for the changing business needs of its corporate customers.

Advantages of Our Business Solutions

Compare corporate business data with visuals that can be understood at a single glance

Benefit from the advantages in the easiest and fastest way

Strengthening of internal communication and motivation

Protection of fundamental rights and freedoms

Increasing customer interaction with content such as publicity and advertising

Easy creation of mobile and smart intranet

Our Business Solutions Portfolio

ideal (Central Identity Management)

Single, centralized and intelligent identity management can be performed with the domestic Intelligent Identity Management, a special solution of Data Market.

Adaptation of PPDL (Protection of Personal Data Law) Process Services

Data Market helps fulfill the obligations of PPDL with the PPDL adaptation package.

Dijital Yaka

This is a mobile application aimed at involving blue-collar employees in the digitalization processes in cooperation with Data Market and Microsoft.

Portal Solutions

This is a ready-made portal solution that offers the most preferred business needs and the most commonly used basic features of SharePoint with Data Market expertise and cost-effectiveness.

bi’nokta Reporting & Publication

bi’nokta is a “Smart Screen” solution that makes it possible for companies to visualize data stored on different data sources in a simple and economical way.

Document and Content Management

Among its solutions, Data Market provides services related to document and process management of corporations.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation enables the creation of a digital workforce army.