Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible, corporate cloud platform that enables businesses to act faster, do more with the available resources and economise.

The basis of Azure service consists of technologies such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Active Directory and HyperV, all of which are familiar to and trusted by business users. This enables businesses to be more flexible, efficient, and customer-oriented, “without changing their habits,” in a consistent and stable environment. Microsoft Azure is a common cloud platform, open and flexible. Azure supports all popular operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and device options. Thus, it enables you to work via Linux, develop applications by using JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java and Node.js, along with .NET, and develop back ends for IOS, Android and Windows devices. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure delivers all these benefits with superior reliability, as it is the only public cloud provider that provides a built-in, continuous security and privacy lifecycle with continuous security status monitoring on the Azure platform.

What Can You Do with Microsoft Azure?

Virtual Devices

Develop Windows and Linux virtual devices within a few minutes.

App Service

Develop mobile and web applications for preferred platforms and devices.

SQL Database

Relational SQL Database managed as service.


Durable, highly usable and scalable storage.

Cloud Services

Develop highly accessible and scalable applications and APIs.

Azure Active Directory

Sync on premise indexes and enable single sign-on.

Document DB

NoSQL document database managed as a service.


Basic and trusted server backup on the cloud.