Compass IoT Suite for Production Facilities

Make your machine park traceable, take a step into Industry 4.0


Use the sensors you need for the machines you select. Pay for as much as you use with the monthly priced service model.


Make your machine park traceable within hours.


Avoid wiring thanks to wireless sensors. Cover your entire factory, take measurement anywhere you want.


Trace the untraceable. Notice the unnoticeable.

Effective Traceability Solutions for Production Environments

Simple, fast, efficient

Activated within hours

Follow the change, make comparisons.

Applicable to all types of machines and workbenches.

Monitor machine efficiency, operating times, production quantities 24/7

Real-time monitoring of production environments and analysis of time-weighted change

Saved Data

Operating Time, Working Time, Production Quantity, Productivity, Failure Causes

Associated Data

Environmental and Machine Data, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure

Featured Applications

  • Monitoring and analysis of production and operational efficiency
  • OEE Analysis
  • Micro Stoppages and Time Loss Analysis
  • Determination and analysis of short stoppages and interruptions affecting productivity
  • Continuous operating efficiency analysis without micro interruption
  • Analysis of reasons of stoppage
  • Monitoring of media data
  • Trend analysis and comparison of work performance history


  • Contact Independent Data Collection
  • Automated Data Analysis
  • Tracking of Work, Break and Recess Times
  • Determination of how much efficiency can be obtained per day from the machine
  • Determination of Lost Times
  • Measurement of Performance Improvement Capacity
  • Monitoring of the Effects of the Measures Taken

Wide Sectoral Application


Weaving, Knitting, Embroidery, Sewing

Metal Processing

Press, Cutting, CNC, Welding


Injection, Extrusion


Boxing, Bottling, Packaging

Sample Screenshots