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Purpose and Scope

While Data Market works to build projects that carry its stakeholders into the future with sustainable technology solutions and to become a global brand, it has based its activities and strategies on human rights, ethical principles, anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

Out Ethical Principles and Values

Data Market manages all its activities within the framework of the following ethical principles:

  • Honesty; we take honesty as a basis in our behavior towards our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, administrative and audit authorities, competitors and society.
  • Confidentiality: we respect the confidentiality of all our stakeholders’ information and take the necessary measures to ensure this confidentiality.
  • Competence; we acquire the necessary competencies to provide our services at the expected level and monitor their continuity.
  • Responsibility towards Customers; we take care that the services we provide are error-free and we work customer-oriented.
  • Compliance / Respect for Laws, Protection of Corporate Reputation; we act in accordance with all national and international laws, professional principles and relevant regulations.
  • Courtesy and Fair Behavior; we act respectfully, courteously and fairly towards each other.
  • Being a Reliable Business Partner; we work as an information technology partner that respects ethical values and can be trusted in critical business applications.
  • Being Innovative; we focus on excellence, innovation and development.
  • Sustainability; we have a corporate sustainability approach that is aware of our economic, managerial, environmental and social responsibilities towards our internal and external stakeholders.

Employees may notify the Data Market Employee Experience (calisandeneyimi@datamarket.com.tr) e-mail address regarding situations contrary to ethical principles and working principles. Notifications received through this channel are evaluated by the Human Resources Manager and handled within the scope of the Personnel Discipline Regulation.

In notifications, the confidentiality of the reporting employee is essential.

Our Human Resources Principles

  • We adopt the scope of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and respect human rights in all our activities.
  • In all HR processes starting from recruitment, we adopt an inclusive behavior by offering equal conditions to our employees without discrimination based on belief, sect, language, race, nationality, color, political and philosophical opinion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, union activity, age, disability, pregnancy, military service, social class and marital status.
  • When determining the wages and benefits we offer to our employees, we take their title, competence, experience, and performance as a basis and do not discriminate based on the above-mentioned and similar factors.
  • We care that our employees work in a healthy and peaceful manner in a safe work environment. In this context, we take all measures required by laws and regulations.
  • We strive to create a company culture of understanding and good relations.
  • We provide our employees with working environments where they can perform effectively and efficiently.
  • We do not employ individuals with child labor status within our company and we make the necessary notifications to prevent them from working in our subcontractors.
  • We do not allow forced labor and modern slavery practices within our company, and we pay attention to the protection of work-private life balance and the privacy of private life.
  • We support the participation of our employees in trainings in order to contribute to their professional, technical and personal development.
  • We work to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction.
  • We respect our employees’ legal rights of association and unionization and work to prevent them from being subjected to discrimination in the context of these issues.
  • We record, store, and destroy all personal information shared by our employees with our company in accordance with the scope of the “Personal Data Protection Law” numbered 6698.

 Fighting Bribery and Corruption

  • Data Market is based on national and international rules/regulations aimed at combating financial/economic crimes and corruption. It acts in compliance with all legal obligations in this regard. In this context, Data Market has a legally compliant stance to combat bribery and corruption by providing openness and transparency to customers and stakeholders while conducting its activities.
  • Our Principles of Fighting Bribery and Corruption cover all our employees, starting from the members of the board of directors of Data Market, and we hold them responsible.
  • Data Market expects all its stakeholders and employees to work in accordance with the law and we include this guidance in our contracts.
  • Regarding Bribery and Corruption; we take preventive and prohibitive measures to avoid any negative situation. However, we take transparency as a basis for accountability for any negative situation that may arise. We transfer all our financial transactions to the company books, records and accounts in a timely and detailed manner, in a complete and consistent manner and keep them in digital media. We carry out all our financial/accounting transactions in accordance with the laws in an open and transparent manner.
  • We are subject to regular and systematic external audits. (CPA, FFC, Audit.)
  • Data Market cannot lend money to any public institution and organization, subcontractor, supplier, consultant, competitor and/or customer unless it is included in the relevant contract and does not cover travel expenses and similar payments.
  • We accept and undertake not to give/offer bribes and/or commissions*.

Updating and Publishing of Policy

We review the ethical principles and working principles policy together with all related policies at least once a year, update and improve it when necessary.

We share and inform all our stakeholders transparently by publishing all our policies on our website.

*Excludes commissions in return for transactions (e.g. bank commissions).

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