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Purpose and Scope

The sustainability policy aims to set out Data Market’s approach to sustainability and defines the organization’s vision, governance structure and underlying principles.

Our Sustainability Vision

Having placed sustainability at the center of its strategy, Data Market takes a holistic approach to its sustainability efforts. It determines and implements its strategies by taking into account the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability in a way to include employees, customers and all other stakeholders.  (ESG: Environmental, Social, Governance).

While supporting its customers, employees and all other stakeholders with sustainable technology solutions and digitalization projects, Data Market aims for a better world through volunteering activities and social benefit awareness.

Sustainability Governance Structure

The Sustainability Committee coordinates sustainability efforts and reports directly Board of Directors. You can review the organizational structure and members of the Sustainability Committee on our website.

Organizational Structure of Sustainability Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee:

  • Determining the sustainability strategy and material issues to be focused on, executing, monitoring, auditing, reviewing, improving and developing policies, targets and practices in the field of sustainability
  • Ensuring that sustainability strategies and business strategies are aligned with the activities it conducts
  • Ensuring that issues related to sustainability are effectively included in the agenda of the Company’s senior management and resolved
  • Establishing working / project groups involving internal and external stakeholders and supporting the integration of sustainability into Data Market’s way of doing business
  • Following national and international developments on sustainability
  • Monitoring Data Market’s carbon footprint, reducing carbon emissions and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy model as part of the fight against climate change
  • Deciding on national and international memberships and collaborations that will help to achieve the sustainability strategy goals

All committee members are obliged to fulfill the main responsibilities above for the realization of Data Market sustainability strategies.

All our employees are natural members of the Sustainability Working Group.

The Sustainability Leader is responsible for the effective functioning of the Committee and ensures that sustainability-related issues are effectively included in the agenda of the Company’s senior management and resolved.

The Sustainability Coordinator feeds the Committee with feedback on corporate governance and risk management issues and supports the proactive management of sustainability-related risks. He/she ensures that the Committee convenes 4 times a year and when deemed necessary.

The Brand Communication Representative creates an effective communication agenda and roadmap to accurately communicate Data Market’s sustainability strategy, commitments, and actions to internal and external stakeholders. He/she increases Data Market brand awareness with the activities he/she carries out.

The Human Resources and Training Representative is responsible for shaping human resources processes to create a sustainable workforce. In this regard

  • He/She makes short-, medium- and long-term workforce planning effectively,
  • aims to increase employee engagement,
  • in parallel with the developments in the world, supports Data Market and its employees to acquire the skills and abilities they will need in the future,
  • organizes internal trainings and events to raise employees’ awareness on sustainability.

For details, please refer to Data Market Ethics and Working Principles Human Resources Policy.

The Procurement and Environmental Management System Representative is responsible for including the suppliers with sustainability strategies and practices, and disseminating recycling practices and projects within the company.

The Information Security Representative is responsible for ensuring the security, confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and sustainability of the activities related to the products and services provided by Data Market to its customers and stakeholders, and in this direction, establishes the necessary policies, proactively manages risks against possible risks and continuously improves the relevant policies and procedures.

The Legal and Compliance Representative is responsible for establishing the relevant control mechanisms for compliance with existing and newly issued regulations and legislation within the framework of sustainable business models and ensuring that they are implemented. He/she monitors changes in existing regulations and legislation, evaluates their impact on the Data Market business model and warns the Committee and Management about potential risks.

Working Groups work under the Committee and are assigned by the Committee. They report their work and the results of their work to the Committee.

Committee’s Working Principles

  • The meeting call is made by the Committee Coordinator.
  • The agenda of the meeting is determined by the Committee Leader and the Committee Coordinator.
  • The meeting is held with the participation of at least the absolute majority of the Committee members.
  • Committee meeting notes are recorded and published by the Committee Coordinator and his/her deputy.

Sustainability Principles

  • We manage all our processes with respect for people and the environment and continuously improve them.
  • While designing and managing our processes and businesses, we aim to follow national and international practices in the field of sustainability and contribute positively to the process through sustainability efforts.
  • We consider ESG elements in our risk and opportunity management (ESG: Environmental, Social, Governance).
  • We accept sustainability as an integral part of our corporate culture, and we conduct responsible, ethical, transparent, and participatory communication with all our stakeholders.
  • We plan and organize awareness trainings to integrate and internalize the sustainability approach into the corporate culture.
  • We follow technological developments, innovations and opportunities that are closely related to our sector and pay meticulous attention to their implementation within our company.
  • We focus on increasing our R&D capabilities and attach importance to the development of our human capital.
  • In accordance with the ethical principles of Data Market, we reject any kind of discrimination between individuals based on language, religion, race, gender, philosophical belief, sect, etc. The diversity of our employees is one of the most important elements of our human resources.
  • We take care to invest in the training and development of our employees. We support our employees to carry out volunteering activities and social responsibility projects along with their professional and technical development.
  • We carry out and support activities for the prevention of climate change and adaptation to climate change.
  • We take care to use all natural and manufactured resources, especially energy, at an optimum level and efficiently.
  • We cooperate with our suppliers to benefit from their environmentally friendly products and services and strive to spread sustainability throughout the supply chain.
  • We report our sustainability activities and performance every year and review our sustainability strategies during the reporting process.

Updating and Publishing of Policy

We review our sustainability and all related policies at least once a year, update and improve them when necessary.

We share and inform all our stakeholders transparently by publishing our policy on our website.

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