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The inconceivable change in technology, the increasing and globalizing competition and rising customer expectations inevitably force institutions into a digital transformation. Data Market is a pioneering, reliable and competent business partner in the field of R&D studies, products and services it develops, sectoral experience, digital marketing investments and digital transformation.

This transformation, brought about by sectoral expertise and strategic business partnership, has led Data Market to develop its own products and solutions, as well as to cooperate with many companies that are the world’s leading companies in the field of digital transformation.

Data Market, Hyland Software Inc., one of the strategic business partners in the Digital Transformation process. ‘S only authorized Solution Provider in Turkey (Authorized Solution Provider) and distributor.

In 2020, Data Market was honored at the Hyland’s 2020 Partner Executive Forum by upgrading its competence to Diamond status in the international platform.

OnBase Enterprise Content Management System

OnBase platform, which offers solutions for Document and Process Management depending on the requests, needs and usage patterns of the institutions, is an Enterprise Content Management System and Business Processes PLatform that easily integrates with the existing business applications of the institutions and offers rapid development in business processes.

OnBase Enterprise Content Management System ensures that document, document and workflow management is agile, adaptable and fast access to information strategy, and the rapidly growing content and process management in organizations are managed with the “Operational Efficiency”, “Cost Advantage” and “Risk Management” perspective.

Generally, OnBase Enterprise Content Management System;

  • Time and Cost Savings,
  • Increasing Organizational and Operational Productivity,
  • Ensuring compliance with regulation and legal legislation,
  • Transition to digital life,
  • Increasing user and customer experience,
  • Increasing Internal and External Customer Satisfaction,
  • In accordance with the definitions of corporate content; ensuring effective sharing of information among employees, business partners and customers,

It constitutes the basis for providing the necessary infrastructure to the institutions.

OnBase Functions

Form and Document Based Workflow Management

  • Document and Form Based Process Development
  • Form and process design with drag and drop
  • Corporate approval processes in line with the organizational structure in line with business rules
  • Monitoring and measurement infrastructures

Intelligence Capture Process

  • Capturing hardware and media independent data at its source
  • Automatic document sorting and sorting
  • Data extraction with intelligent character reading technology (OCR-ICR-OMR-Barcode Recognation)
  • Data interpretation, process and system integrations

Mobile Device Access (Mobility)

  • Access to the OnBase platform from everywhere on current mobile devices,
  • Document and process management via mobile interface,
  • Providing electronic signature interference on the mobile interface,
  • Thanks to its responsive compatible design, it is possible to access screens without any problems based on authorization

OnBase General Features

Intelligent Document Processing and Classification

  • Capturing and improving data at its source,
  • Automatic classification and sorting
  • Automatic data extraction and document indexing
  • Data validation and fast transfer

Fast and Uninterrupted Content Management

  • Tracking and managing the life cycle of documents
  • Easy and fast access with interfaces such as Mobile, Web, Desktop,
  • Electronic and physical archive management
  • Fast and uninterrupted access to content

Easy Design and Integration

  • Fast and easy electronic form design
  • Document-based process design and management
  • Accelerating the integration process with business processes
  • Fast and easy integration with applications

Quick Access and Adaptation

  • Easy access to the system from anywhere
  • Adaptation to regulations and easy adaptation process
  • Dedicated content, fast and secure access

OnBase Intelligent Information/ Document Processing Functions


Capturing the document at its source


Reading the data


Automatic classification of the document

Extract & Validate

Data extraction and verification


Verification of the extracted data


Transfer of data

Our Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Corporate Correspondence and Approval System:

  • Management of contract creation and approval processes throughout the company through “Active Directory” or “ERP” integrations in accordance with the organization’s organization chart,
  • Starting processes with form entry and using standard contract templates,
  • Determining the unit to which the correspondence will be sent and the units to be informed within the correspondence system,
  • Process management such as approval system, intermediate and final approver selection, power of attorney management,
  • Sending reminder notifications and reminders to the group or its administrators for pending transactions.

Contract Management:

  • Process management of contracts of units such as Purchasing, Finance, Legal and Human Resources,
  • Management of contract creation and approval processes throughout the company through “Active Directory” or “ERP” integrations in accordance with the organization’s organization chart,
  • Starting processes with form entry and using standard contract templates,
  • Use of functions such as following up versions of contracts, associating them, creating notes and discussion platforms.

Outbound / Inbound Shipment Process System:

  • Transmission of documents belonging to Communication and Administrative Affairs to electronic environment, forwarding of documents to relevant units and informing process.
  • Automatic document tracking and reporting.
  • Approval, return, adding unit to be notified, etc. use of functions.

User Group Management and Proxy System:

  • Group and profile-based authorization
  • Groups and profiles are managed through “Active Directory” or the structure to be determined (SAP-Oracle etc.)
  • Using or adapting ready-made services required for the proxy system.

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