What has Atel Sistem achieved working with Data Market?

Our company, Atel Sistem, based in Izmir, works on industrial image processing and automation systems. We were recently among the exhibitors at the Win Eurasia Fair, where the technology sector representatives gather to share, inform and promote new and innovative products and ideas.

At this Fair, I spoke about the work carried out by the technology company, Data Market, which stands out above the rest with their software and special solutions, produced specifically for the technology sector. I explained our company’s journey with Data Market saying, “We wanted to take a step to enhance our products, and out path fortunately crossed with Data Market. After investigating their work, we decided that they were definitely the best company to meet our needs, and we started investing in their services. As a result of our collaboration, we have had significant achievements in terms of monitoring and evaluation of particular data. Most importantly, we saved precious time during this product enhancement process as the product and process is highly efficient.”


Erdal Efe

Atel Sistem