FIRST Azure Expert MSP Microsoft Business Partner - Kasım 2020 Turkey's First and Only
Business Partner in Turkey to
Have Five Competencies of
VMware Master Services
WS/SQL Migration Advanced Specialization,
Modernization of Web Apps Advanced Specialization ve
Adoption and Change Management Advance Specialization
Competences areas in Turkey, we became the first Microsoft partner!
Data Market, won
VMware Metna
Partner of the Year 2019
Award for the second time

Data Market 29 Years

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners,

As Data Market, we have successfully been in business for 29 years. Over that time, we have had numerous success stories and have had this success backed with over 150 corporate awards. We thank you for your contribution to this success, for your confidence and support.

And now, we wish to move forward to new success stories together.

29 Years in Numbers

What do our 29 years add up to in numbers?

0 Years of Operation

0 Corporate Awards

0 Employees

0 Corporate Customers


Data Market’s primary goal is to enrich our stakeholders and increase their competitiveness. As such, we will continue investing in solutions that make a difference, taking our customers steadily into the future.

Murat Boyla

CEO, Data Market