Managed Services

Data Market provides professional, hybrid, holistic and complementary Managed Services for its corporate customers within the scope of Azure Expert MSP and offers optimization and support services within this scope.,

Within this scope, all consultancy, transformation services and additional services that could be required by the customers before, during or after the MSP process will be offered as a natural part of the process.

Our Managed Services Portfolio

Cloud Management Services

Managed Services covering Microsoft Azure environments of corporate customers

Data Center Managed Services

Services managed for the servers hosted on-premise at customer data centers

End User Managed Services

Help desk for customer end users and managed services for end users

Managed Service Hours

5 x 8 hours
Between 09:30 - 17:30
40 hours x week
Except for weekends, public holidays and religious holidays
7 x 24 hours
Between 00:00 - 23:59
40 hours x week
Except for weekends, public holidays and religious holidays

Managed Services Packages

8x5 Support
8 hours response time, 2 hours critical
24 hours solution time
Account Management (Call Center)
Main Infrastructure Management
Basic Security & Compliance
Basic Monitoring
Backup Management
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24x7 Support
4 hours response time, 1 hour critical
12 hours solution time
Account Management (Assigned TAM)
Main Infrastructure Management
Advanced Rightsizing
Advanced Basic Security & Compliance
Basic Monitoring
Backup Management + Restore
Cost Management
Basic Automation/DevOps
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Advanced Backup Management
Advanced Monitoring
Proactive Security
Advanced Automation/DevOps
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Managed Services Operations Process

– Audit and Optimization Services Process

The Audit and Optimization Services offered by Data Market within the scope of Managed Services will start with the periodical analysis of the collected data at the cloud and data center. The security risks discovered as the result of this analysis will be periodically reported to the IT business unit of the corporate customer for the opportunity to improve and the conditions suitable for optimization to be examined and for the necessary actions to be taken.


– Management and Support Services Process

Real-time data will be collected from the cloud and data center within the scope of Management and Support Services. The collected data will be analyzed by the Data Market technical team with the assistance of a cloud management platform (CMP). The necessary response will be given against the security threats discovered as the result of the analyses. The actions related to the discovered improvement and optimization opportunities will be managed by Data Market within the knowledge of the corporate customer’s IT business unit. Actions taken will be reported instantly or periodically depending on their significance level. A natural extension of the service process of Help Desk Services will be included in this structure.
The details of management and support service processes have been defined in the relevant flows.

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