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Migros, one of the leaders of Turkish retailing, provides reporting and self-service password management in compliance with regulations and quality standards with the ideal IDM.

MİGROS TİCARET A.Ş., one of the leading organizations in the retailing sector in Turkey; It is a strong and well-established company with its pioneering role in use of technology and approach in high customer satisfaction.

Migros, which chose the ideal IDM for the automation of user accounts, passwords and authorizations of its large number of employees, achieved a central structure in the identity management processes while a significant increase in automation was achieved in information technology operations.

System and Cloud Infrastructures Manager Mr. Murat ZOBU states that thanks to an ideal and traceable system, they have obtained a reporting infrastructure compatible with regulations and quality standards, and thanks to self-service password management capabilities, employees can easily change their own passwords and gain speed in their business processes.

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